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A weekend of mediocre movies

I’m trying to keep track of the books I read, music I hear and movies I watch this year, so here’s the first bunch of movies I’ve seen. Admittedly, I watched too many (5) this weekend, but I enjoyed and didn’t love most of them.
1. The History Boys – This was probably my favorite movie of the weekend, a British film from a few years ago. I had never heard of it until I caught a few minutes of it on cable once, and was curious. The performances by the young actors are good, and the characters of the three teachers are great. It’s a great exploration about the nature of learning and education, which really isn’t explored in movies much.
2. Knocked Up – I know, I’m about the last person in the country to have watched this movie, but it was fun. Jud Apatow’s writing is really clever. He somehow melds sweet, gross and hilarious in ways the Farrelly Brothers and other grossout comedy writers can’t really pull off.
3. Requiem – Simple, low-budget German movie about a college student from an oppressive religious family who has either epilepsy or is possessed by demons. She hears voices and has seizures when she tries to pray or touch her rosaries. It’s good, and a little scary.
4. I Am Legend – This whole movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about a guy I volunteered with in New Orleans. He worked for Sony special effects, and had just finished working on this film. He was pretty mum about it, but was proud of the effects. I was less impressed. The movements of the rabid night-people were really unnatural. I couldn’t stop thinking about that the whole time I was watching this silly, fairly boring movie.
5. Bigger, Faster, Stronger – I’m still watching this as I write (as you can tell, I’m not all that into it). It’s a Michael Moore-style documentary about steroids, which means it’s entertaining, surprising and not all that enlightening.


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