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Do you realize Oklahoma is now the coolest state?

Oklahoma officially chose the Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize?” as the state rock song this week. That definitely tops Colorado’s recent designation of “Rocky Mountain High” as the state song. The John Denver track was already pretty much an ad for the state already. The only fun part was watching state legislature debate about supposed drug references in the song.

The Lips are from Oklahoma, but the song doesn’t have as strong a connection to the state as, say, “Oklahoma,” the other state song. “Do You Realize?” is a weird, beautiful indie pop song about kicking heroin addiction — oh, and it’s on an album about a Japanese girl fighting pink robots. It’s a song that fills me with pure joy and love for all of humanity every time I see them play it (or maybe it’s Wayne Coyne’s confetti gun and all the Santas and martians dancing around on the side of the stage).

“Do You Realize that everyone you know someday will die. And instead of saying all of your goodbyes, let them know you realize that life goes fast. It’s hard to make the good things last. You realize the sun doesn’t go down. It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round.”

Excuse me. I have to go hug something. Here’s a video:


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No-maintenance garden

I clearly need to learn more about vegetable gardening, and will dedicate serious time this summer to the veggies. But I want the rest of the garden to be low-water and low maintenance. Last night, I learned which plants to use from a Xeriscape expert from Denver (by the way, the word is supposed to be capitalized, and it is a Denver Water Department trademark). Anyhow, I am most excited about planting some flowering cactus in the front flower garden. The spot needs a low-water plant because too much water could seep into the foundation.

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First veggie garden, first fail

dscn1430Everyone told me lettuce is the easiest thing to grow in a garden. If so, I have a tough row to hoe in my summer garden. My lettuce, in its happy windowsill, quickly got all wilty and sad. Boo. I’m still holding out hope for the tomatoes and spinach. Also, I planted the base of a live butter lettuce from the supermarket, and it is doing pretty well.

At left is my herb garden. It’s thriving, but not as cool because I bought those herbs already growing from a local nursery. Note the reuse of yogurt and ice cream containers. Happy Earth Day.

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Another TicketMonster fail

Adam Clayton, U2's least photographed member

Can we please stop making excuses for Ticketmaster? I keep seeing TicketMaster apologists all over Internet forums basically saying the fees, etc., suck but the Ticketmaster system works well and there’s no real alternative. I’m not sure if these folks are exclusively buying tickets for Journey and Limp Bizkit, but I don’t think they have tried to get tickets for popular acts with frenzied on-sale dates.

My sister went through the “cluster,” as she called it in her polite way, of buying U2 tickets during yesterday’s Texas on-sales. First she got timed out of the online system after finding good seats, then watching the hold screen for three minutes. Then she got timed out of the phone system after finding worse tickets. She finally got some lousy seats (which cost $95).

To be fair, she was allowed an exceedingly rare exchange later in the day, but only after some adamant telephone badgering. That only starts to make up for the horrors of the Ticketmaster system. Epic fail.

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“Lives of Others” a dose of reality on communism

Here I go again, mixing my political babble with my entertainment babble, but I have to recommend the German movie “The Lives of Others.” The Oscar winner is a compelling and frightening study of oppressive state surveillance in communist East Germany. But it’s also somehow uplifting and beautiful.

It should also be a wake-up call to those fretting about Obama and Pelosi taking the U.S. toward communism. Even if the banks and health care are nationalized (which are highly unlikely), we’re a long way from a police state, a prominent and nasty piece of Soviet-style communism.

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I have a stupidly low humor threshold

Given yesterday’s gratuitous rant about Brian Regan, I’m glad I watched “Superbad” last night. It reminded my I still like really raunchy humor. My concern now is that I have a pathetically low humor threshold. I’ll laugh at almost anything. At least I still know Dane Cook sucks.

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Real-life musicals

I’m not a fan of musicals. Not because I’m a man. I’m pretty much a girlie man. I don’t eat meat, I like chick flicks, I read.

It’s mostly because I think it’s ridiculous that everyone suddenly breaks into song and dance for no reason. But when it happens in real life, that’s kind of cute.

This seems real — and it’s really fun, so who cares. See, you could have this much fun if marijuana and prostitutes were legal.

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