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Grand Teton photos

My wonderful wife finally took a couple of days off work (I gave myself four days off, too) and we went to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Many tourists stop and snap a photo of the dramatic mountains on the way to Yellowstone, but we decided to stick to the lower park on this trip.

We had four great nights of relaxing camping and three great days of long, beautiful hikes — two with eager, inspiring park rangers (I have such a crush on park rangers, but that’s another topic for another post). We stopped to smell the flowers and hiked up near treeline. We also saw a couple of moose, a few deer, dozens of bison and a whole scurry of chipmunks (the Interwebs tell me scurry is the collective noun for chipmunks). Most of all, we gaped at the gorgeous scenery of striking peaks, glacial lakes and mountain waterfalls.

Oh, and we became junior rangers, but forgot to take photos of our swearing-in ceremony.


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