Support the MS Ride, look at my baby

I’ve had two wonderful additions to my life so far this year — my 10-day old baby Finn and (admittedly in a distant second), a top-shelf but second-hand road bike I named Ace Wheelie. I bought the second because I am riding in the MS150 at the end of this month (frighteningly soon). I have never done one of these butt-kicking organized rides before, but I was inspired to join the event this year after a close friend, Justinian, was suddenly afflicted with MS. He is a wonderful, caring, generous and healthy guy (save perhaps for a near addiction to beer).

He is inspiringly brave and optimistic about his condition. He said the disease has so far been mainly an annoyance, with some mild flare-ups. However, he has a baby on the way, and I want the baby to be able to enjoy Justinian’s active and free spirit for many, many years. Please help me provide support for Justinian, another dear friend’s mother and all the other people who struggle with MS. Justinian has benefited from the support of the Colorado MS Society, and he could seriously benefit from ongoing research funded by the MS Society.

Please click here to donate to the Colorado MS 150 ride. Any amount helps, and if you have already contributed, thank you.

While you consider what amount to donate, look at these photos of Finn. And here is what I should be doing right now instead of blogging at 4 a.m.


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