My other published work

I am a freelance writer and editor in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am a skilled and curious journalist with more than ten years of experience writing for print, Internet and SMS media.

My young freelance career includes stories in Renew, a Colorado remodeling magazine, and City and Mountain Views, a community magazine for Jefferson County, Colorado. I also have music stories published in Colorado Music Buzz, Hybrid Magazine and the late, a great music Web site that had been run in part by my friend and now Denver Post music writer John Wenzel.

For several months, a Boston firm paid me to write local Denver music news for mass text message distribution. I learned it is a challenge to write music reviews in 160 characters, and the company learned it was not ready for national marketing and distribution, so the contract ended in 2007.

Before launching my freelance career, I was an editor at the Mile High Newspapers, a group of four Denver-area newspapers. During my five years with the Golden Transcript, Arvada Press and two other local papers, I rose quickly from a schools and government reporting beat to a managing editor position.

However, the passion for reporting and writing never ebbed, and I consistently wrote a wide range of articles for the newspapers.

At left is the first page of my investigative series on the TV and radio broadcast towers on a mountain above Golden. The towers’ neighbors had battled the broadcasters for nearly a decade, but independent analysis and investigation of the issue was lacking.

In 2006, Part 1 and Part 2 of this series were published in all four newspapers. The stories were praised for their balance and thorough research. I won a Colorado Press Association award for public service for the series. I also won a CPA award in 2006 for editorial writing.

This business story is about green building trends in Jefferson County, Colorado. I wrote dozens of business stories for the Mile High Newspapers, including several on green businesses and environmental business trends. The piece reflects my passion for environmental issues, as well as my balanced and accessible writing approach.

The story at right, and here, is part of the lighter side of my Mile High Newspapers career. I helped create a new entertainment and features section that was very well-received in the community.

When I wrote this story, it had been a while since we covered Lakeside amusement park, outside Denver in the tiny Jefferson County town of Lakeside. The perception among many was that it was run-down and barely worth visiting. Everyone assumed teens would hate it, comparing it unfavorably to the Six Flags theme park in Denver.

So I took five kids out to the park to see if perception was reality. It was a different twist on the standard feature. The kids had a great time, and I had a fun, creative story.

Another piece in my MHN features catalog is this story about the Jefferson County Orchestra. I wrote a music column for most of my tenure. It covered all types of music in Jefferson County and the rest of the Denver metro area.

After five years, I felt I had made a difference in Jefferson County, but needed to take the next step with my career. So I started this freelance adventure.


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